Industry Solutions

Environment friendly, Industry Specific, Field Tested & Internationally Accredited Protective & Specialty Coatings, and Spray Foam Based Thermal Insulation (SPF).

Oil & Gas
Building & Construction
Water / Wastewater
Hydro Power
Chemical Industry

Oil & Gas - Gas Pipelines, LPG Gas Tanks, Offshore Rigs, Exploration Units, Oil Transport Vessels, etc.

Mining - Mining Equipment, Mine Loading Pads, Hopper Bins, Conveyor Belts, Mining Industrial equipment & asset protection from abrasion / corrosion / impact, etc.

Marine - Vessels, Ships, Boats, Shipment Containers, Decks, Floatation Docks, Dock Boxes, Harbour & Oil Exploration Units, Ports.

Building & Construction - PU Floor coatings for Warehouses, factory-shed, Storage units, etc. Thermal Insulation for Energy saving requirements.


Automobile / Transportation - Anti corrosion / anti abrasion on truck Bed-liners, Trailers, Trucks,

Water / Wastewater - Tanks, Primary & Secondary containment, sewer lines, water proofing, etc.


Power - Hydro Power Plant - Water Reservoir Surface, Penstock Surface,

Chemical Industry - Harsh Chemical resistance to protect floors, wall, ceiling, Chemical Containment, etc.


Agriculture - Food safe Sealants to prevent beetles or insects penetrating and destroying food stocks. Anti Corrosion coatings on Chillers, Cold Storages.


SPF for Thermal Insulation - Open Cell & Closed Cell Thermal Insulation on roof, ceiling, walls, etc. for controlling temperature